INTERSTELLAR Solo Exhibition - Gallery MONARCA Dubai (from 13 June 2024)

Cedric’s upcoming solo exhibition, “INTERSTELLAR” at Monarca Gallery Dubai, starting 13th June 2024, promises to captivate audiences. 

With ‘INTERSTELLAR’ Cedric Dubbiosi invites you on an abstract voyage through the cosmos, reflecting his profound fascination for science and space exploration. Drawing inspiration from timeless sci-fi classics, particularly from the ‘Dune’ saga by Frank Herbert. This exhibition captures the essence of space's vastness and the mysteries of our universe.

The artworks showcased in ‘INTERSTELLAR’ serve as a visual journey through the realm of Arrakis, the desert planet of the ‘Dune‘ universe. Through abstract interpretations, they depict Arrakis's arid landscapes, and the struggle for essential life resources, while simultaneously exploring the planet’s balance of power amid such resource scarcity.

Exploring this theme deeper, the artworks offer a reflection on the role of science and technology in human survival. They raise questions about resource extraction and its impact on our own environment and the sustainability challenges we face. These themes resonate with real world struggles, offering you a chance to reflect on our place in the universe and our responsibilities towards humanity.

Venue: from 7PM / MONARCA International (Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai)

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