SUPER 100 ARTISTS edition 2024 by khaleej times

SUPER 100 ARTISTS edition 2024 is out now!

"This catalog from a prominent Dubai newspaper khaleej times, brings together a diverse group of artists, both established and emerging, whose works add depth to the UAE's art scene. It reflects the country's cultural vibrancy, blending traditional roots with modern aspirations amidst its dynamic architectural and urban landscape.

The UAE is known for its innovative spirit, blending history with futuristic visions. 'Super 100 Artists' captures this fusion, showcasing artists whose diverse styles and narratives contribute to the region's cultural wealth.

Through 'Super 100 Artists,' readers delve into the unique stories and artistic expressions of these talented individuals. Their works, spanning various themes and mediums, offer insights into personal journeys and broader societal reflections.

This book invites you to explore the imagination and creativity of UAE-associated artists, celebrating their contributions and inspiring future generations. It's a tribute to artistic passion and a connection between creators and art enthusiasts worldwide.

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