Sci-fi and fantasy have always been my biggest inspirations. As a kid, I spent hours drawing Star Wars spaceships, Ninja Turtles, and dinosaurs.

As I grew up, my love for these fictional universes only grew stronger. Now, I'm really into hard sci-fi, which mixes realism with science and spirituality. That's why 'Dune' is such a big inspiration for me.

'Dune,' a six-book saga by Frank Herbert, the book 1 masterfully adapted by Denis Villeneuve in 2021, explores politics, power, resource control, and the influence of religion. It also warns about technology disrupting natural equilibrium. Living in the desert for 11 years, I feel a deep connection to this universe.

My collection 'INTERSTELLAR' reflects this inspiration. Six paintings use three colours: black, gold, and blue. Black represents space and the vast universe. Gold symbolizes Spice, the precious resource in 'Dune,' akin to real-world oil, enabling space travel and extending life. Blue stands for water, rare on Dune, and a symbol of life and spirituality.

Through vibrant colours, geometry, and contrasts, I create beauty, harmony, and energy. My work is rich in symbolism, inviting multiple interpretations and deeper reflections on our place and responsibilities on this planet.

I hope you enjoy 'INTERSTELLAR' and that it inspires you to think deeply about our world. The collection is now for show at Monarca.



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