« The Phoenix Rising » is joining permanently the collection of Haegeumgang theme museum in South Korea

It is with great honor that I announce my painting « The Phoenix Rising » is joining permanently the collection of Haegeumgang theme museum in South Korea. The painting will exhibited during the 8th Geoje Korean International Art Festival.


The phoenix is the mystical firebird, present in almost every culture around the world. Egyptians believed that the phoenix represents their sun God Ra. In China, he is known as the leader of the birds - the Feng-huan. In Hindu mythology, the phoenix is similar to Garuda – the immortal bird that is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

The phoenix is truly inspiring me as he is symbolizing rebirth, eternity and hope. Though this composition, I wanted to create a symbolic connection between my personal life with multiple life experiences and the phoenix continuous Rebirthing. I believe the evolution of our societies, mentalities and technologies, give to anyone the abilities to travel, learn and build strong fundamentals; as, a true power to develop wings that will allow us to live multitude life experiences in one single life. Success and failures are part of the process of self-development to reach our inner peace. Failures will irremediably lead to the beginning of something new, that will only become a success by building strong foundations.


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