Cedric Dubbiosi launches his First NFT Collection

Cedric Dubbiosi, is thrilled to announce the launch of his first NFT collection on Opensea.

Check it out !

This collection is a selection of some of his most captivating paintings, which he has digitalized in high definition to provide customers with the opportunity to own their digital versions that can be used in the metaverse.

Cedric Dubbiosi has gained a reputation as a highly skilled artist with a unique style in fluid art. He has captured the attention of art lovers worldwide with his captivating abstract paintings. The launch of his first NFT collection is a new frontier for the artist as he seeks to extend his reach to the world of digital art.

The NFT collection comprises a selection of Cedric Dubbiosi's best paintings, which have been digitalized in high definition to preserve their essence and beauty. Each painting is unique and has been created using the artist's signature techniques and style. The collection is a true representation of Cedric Dubbiosi's vision and creativity, which he has translated into digital art for the first time.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have revolutionized the world of art by providing artists with a new way to showcase and sell their work. Cedric Dubbiosi's NFT collection is a prime example of how artists can leverage NFTs to reach new audiences and markets. The digital versions of the paintings in his collection can be used in the metaverse, providing customers with an opportunity to own a piece of the artist's work that can be used in virtual worlds.

Cedric Dubbiosi's first NFT collection is a milestone in his career as an artist. It represents a new phase in his artistic journey, where he seeks to explore new avenues and markets. The collection is an opportunity for art lovers to own a piece of the artist's work in a digital form, while also experiencing the beauty and uniqueness of his art in the metaverse.


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