art3F MONACO (25 - 27 August 2023)

I am delighted to announce my participation to the fourth edition of art3F Monaco, taking place from 25 to 27 of August 2023.

ASrt3f revolutionizes the norms of traditional art fairs, injecting a human and inviting atmosphere into these cultural gatherings. Breaking free from constraints, prejudices, and inhibitions, art3f seamlessly combines heart-warming and affordable art, showcasing the most captivating artistic expressions of our time. It's an invitation to embark on an enriching artistic voyage with your loved ones.

With a keen focus on artists carefully curated by our selection committee (accompanied by participating galleries), art enthusiasts and collectors alike will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with artists and immerse themselves in their distinctive realms. It's an unparalleled chance to unearth new talents and discover the stars of tomorrow! Among the plethora of talents encompassing painters, sculptors, photographers, and more, art3f presents extraordinary discoveries, representing the vibrant international contemporary art scene, alongside established artists and their prestigious creations. A multitude of emotions and shared encounters await! As life continues and optimism reclaims its rightful place, it's essential to embrace positivity, relish delectable food, indulge in entertainment, and marvel at the world, all of which are enhanced by the exceptional remedy of art.

Full information about access by clinking this link.


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