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Title of Work: Nymph
Year: 2022
Location of Completion: Dubai, UAE
Dimensions: 40,6 x 40,6 cm (painting only)
Technique: Fluid painting on Canvas

Additional info: This artwork is an authentic and original pieces. It has been coated with gloss varnish for UV protection and more vibrant finish.  This artwork is delivered with an "hand made" certificate of authenticity.  This painting is mounted into a picture frame - Wood finish.  This painting is delivered with all hanging accessories.



"Nymph" is an abstract work that features a fairy woman with long, flowing hair. The woman is depicted from a side view, as if she is suspended in mid-air or drifting through space. The hair is the main focus of the painting, and is created with fluid paint in various shades of green, ranging from bright lime to deep forest green.

The background of the painting is a light green colour, which could create the impression of the woman being surrounded by a soft, atmospheric glow. The fluidity of the paint could give the impression that the woman's hair is moving and undulating, as if it is being carried by some unseen current or breeze. The abstract nature of the painting might encourage the viewer to contemplate the symbolism and meaning behind the figure of the nymph, as well as the use of colour and form to create a sense of movement and fluidity. Overall, the painting could create a dreamlike, ethereal mood that invites the viewer to lose themselves in its swirling colours and shapes.

All copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.