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Title of Work: L'Envol
Year: 2022
Location of Completion: Dubai, UAE
Canvas dimensions: 61 x 51 cm
Technique: Fluid painting & spray painting on Canvas


"L'Envol" is an abstract painting that represents the feeling of freedom and liberation. The composition is inspired by the notion of being free from social, political, cultural, and religious customs, without any limitations or restrictions. To be free is to possess the power to achieve anything, realizing our dreams and continuously pushing the limits of humanity one step further.

The painting is dominated by organic fluid elements that symbolize the wings of a bird that is taking off. These elements are bonded in harmony by a lozenge that represents femininity, women's emancipation, and the birth of new ideas. The vibrant colours in the painting evoke the sense of excitement and energy that comes with being liberated from the constraints of the world.

Additional info: This artwork is an authentic and original piece. It has been coated with gloss varnish for UV protection and more vibrant finish.  This artwork is coming with an "hand made" certificate of authenticity. This painting is coming with all hanging accessories. This painting is coming without frame.


All copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.